What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

Real estate agents are licensed professionals who help people buy and sell property,

such as homes and land. They typically specialize in either residential or commercial

properties. To become a licensed real estate agent, an individual must complete prelicensingcourses, pass their state’s licensing exam and join a brokerage. Once they

do, they can begin their career.


There are many things that separate a good real estate agent from a bad one. For

starters, the best ones care about their clients and take their work seriously. They

will do everything in their power to make sure the home-buying or home-selling

process goes smoothly for their client. They will research schools and

neighborhoods, show properties that meet their clients’ criteria, and be hands-on

throughout the entire process.


When working with buyers, real estate agents will make sure the home they are

buying is in a good school district and within a reasonable commute to their job.

They will also help the buyer obtain a loan and negotiate with the seller on the price

of the home. Lastly, they will walk the client through the closing process and answer

any questions about the property.


If an agent is representing the seller, they will help them set a fair asking price for

their home by pulling comps and providing market data. They will then market the

property through listing services and other channels to get it in front of potential

buyers. They will hold open houses, send the listing out to other agents they know

and post “for sale” signs. Once they start receiving offers, they will advise the seller

on the best course of action, assist with negotiations and guide them through the

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Both types of real estate agents will communicate with other agents, brokers and

third parties to make sure everyone involved understands the terms of a deal. They

will also be on hand to resolve any issues that may arise during the transaction, such

as a home inspector discovering an issue with the home or a last-minute change in

the purchase agreement.


Because of the nature of their jobs, real estate agents can encounter challenging

situations on a regular basis. They will need to be able to diffuse situations and think

on their feet. They will also likely encounter clients or sellers that are difficult to work

with and need to learn how to handle these situations in a professional manner.


Regardless of the challenges, real estate agents must keep their eyes on the end

goal and do what they can to close escrow as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Lastly, they will usually have to review and sign many different pieces of paperwork

during the course of a transaction. This can be time-consuming and tedious.

Therefore, it is important that they stay organized and keep their documents in

order to avoid any misunderstandings or delays. As such, they will typically use a

system for tracking their transactions.