How Much Is Real Estate Commission in NYC?

The cost of real estate commission is a major part of the selling process. As a home

seller, you will be responsible for paying the broker commissions of both your own

agent and the buyer’s agent, which come out of the proceeds of the sale. This may

seem counterintuitive since you are getting a new home out of the deal, but

commissions are intended to encourage buyer’s agents to actively promote your

listing and show it to their buyers.

In many cases, commission rates are not set in stone and can be negotiated

between the homeowner/seller and their agent. However, according to a Consumer

Federation of America study, only 27 percent of agents are willing to negotiate their

fee. This is because lowering commission rates could decrease an agent’s ability to

promote your home, determine an accurate list price for the property, and conduct

other necessary services to help the home sell.

Generally speaking, the typical real estate commission rate is 6% of the sales price

of the property and is split between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent. The split

can be different based on the agents agreement with their broker and is often

determined by an agent’s level of experience balanced against the amount of

business that they bring to their brokerage. Also read


As a result, the top-producing and more experienced real estate agents earn a

higher percentage of the total commission rate than their less experienced

counterparts. This is why it is important to select an agent with a track record of

success in the market you’re selling in.

The amount of money that the typical realtor will earn in commission is further

whittled down by brokerage fees and other expenses associated with the sale.

These can include ad placements, open house hosting costs, and more. It is also

common for real estate agents to owe referral fees to the out-of-state or foreign

buyers that they bring into the transaction.


How Much is Real Estate Commission in NYC?

In NYC, the average real estate commission is 6% of the sales price. This is

significantly higher than other parts of the country because the average home in

NYC is worth much more than the national average.


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real estate commission by listing their homes for sale by owner through Hauseit’s

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