How a Real Estate Company Works


When it comes to buying and selling homes, real estate is an industry with a lot of

moving parts. The process involves many different people including appraisers,

lenders, inspectors, title agents and escrow officers. Because each aspect of real

estate is so different, the people who work in this field tend to specialize.

For example, an agent might focus on short sales or only work with residential

properties. Other agents may focus exclusively on commercial property. Choosing a

niche will help you become the area expert in your market and set you apart from


To start a real estate company, you must first decide whether you want to be a

listing agent (helping clients sell their homes) or a buyer’s agent (assisting people

looking to buy homes). Both roles have their pros and cons and each will require

different training. Once you’ve decided which type of real estate you want to work

in, you must also determine the business structure.

Most brokerages offer a variety of commission plans and fees, so it’s important to

compare these before choosing a broker. Then, make sure you get a written

contract stipulating all terms before signing anything. This is the only way to be

certain you won’t be hit with hidden or unexpected fees down the road.


As you consider which real estate company to join, ask about the company’s support

programs for new and inexperienced agents. This can be an extremely important

factor when it comes to your success, as unhappy agents rarely have the highest

levels of performance. You should also ask each brokerage how they distribute

leads, since this is an essential element of real estate success. Must read


In addition to providing training and mentorship, the right real estate company will

have a good culture and office setup that fits your personality. This is crucial, as a

company’s culture and office setup can have a direct impact on your success and

happiness in the job.